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The girl with the net and the tulle

Elizabeth Taylor

The most beautiful woman in the world (to quote Charlotte from SATC, and I agree!) died this morning. Ever since I was little I´ve been completely in love with the beauty and glamour of old Hollywood and Elizabeth Taylor was along side of Marilyn, Clark Gable and Humprey Bogart, one of my favorite movie stars. I loved her and Richard Burton together and I was genuinley sad when I learned that they had been divorced...twice.


Luscious Venom

Ok so I just finished my knitwear garment (with the exception of needing to cut some threads that I just noticed on the photos. :) ) The collection is called Luscious Venom and the theme is euphoric love vs the broken heart. I wanted to try to achieve sort of a punky 80´s feel with the garment.

Safari Jacket

This is my safari jacket that I made for Patternmaking for menswear. It looks a little bit funny on the picture since it´s a mens jacket but put on my woman mannequin. Anyway I´m happy with it. :)
And this is what I´m working on today. A punky dress for my knitwear project, with a big tulle skirt (still to be added) and a separate polo collar. Will post more photos when it´s finished.

This weeks...

Mood: Stressed but creative = happy! (with a slight hint of PMS, oh who am I kidding, it´s a big effing hint of it, but anyway...still happy in between the moodswings)
Litterature: Fetish and the art of the Teese, by Dita von Teese, researh for new collection.
Movie: Pirates of the caribbean trilogy has kept me company during the nights when I ´ve been chained to my sewing machine.
Man: Johnny Depp, seriously is there any character that man can not make sexy?? Pirates, Mad Hatters, even a transgender chocolate factory owner has his appeal.
Color: Red and black.
Material: Kntwear and latex.
Hours of sleep: N/A
Slip: That choolate bar on sunday night to keep me happy while sewing all night.
Cultural experience: Trying to fit in a visit to the Future Textile exhibition at the Maritime museum.

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