Kvällen spenderades först hemma hos min kära vän Kam med vin och samkväm.
I started the evening at my dear Kams place with wine and good company.
We had some difficulties opening the champagne bottle...
Come oooonnnn.....
Kam gave it a try.
Maybe if we use a napkin...?
Where´s that wine opener??
Yay! Success!!
After midnight I headed off to work and Kam went to a party. Not really sure how the following happened, but one minute I was walking down the stairs at Kam´s house and the next I was sitting on the floor and my foot was hurting like f---. Hm, it may have been slippery shoes, it may have been the cava, it may have been some sort of combo, either way I spent the rest of the night limping around in the bar, although the pain went away for a while after a few shots and a mojito, unfortunately it was only temporary. At around 10 o´clock in the morning we were finally closed up and I could limp home.
Ouch... :(
Today I´ve spent most of the day resting my poor foot before I`m heading off to work again tonight. I´ve also practised saying I fell down the stairs in spanish in case the customers are wondering about my limping.
Hope you all had a nice new years eve with lots of cava and hopefully no injuries.

Postat av: sandra

Haha, fick du sånt brev??? Schysst av dem liksom!

Hur har du det annars?


2011-01-07 @ 09:55:12

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