This weeks...

Mood: Stressed but creative = happy! (with a slight hint of PMS, oh who am I kidding, it´s a big effing hint of it, but anyway...still happy in between the moodswings)
Litterature: Fetish and the art of the Teese, by Dita von Teese, researh for new collection.
Movie: Pirates of the caribbean trilogy has kept me company during the nights when I ´ve been chained to my sewing machine.
Man: Johnny Depp, seriously is there any character that man can not make sexy?? Pirates, Mad Hatters, even a transgender chocolate factory owner has his appeal.
Color: Red and black.
Material: Kntwear and latex.
Hours of sleep: N/A
Slip: That choolate bar on sunday night to keep me happy while sewing all night.
Cultural experience: Trying to fit in a visit to the Future Textile exhibition at the Maritime museum.


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